Friday, March 12, 2010

Maisey Update

Over the past few months, Maisey has been struggling with what seems to be anxiety issues. So we brought in a qualified (DVM) behavior specialist a month ago to observe her behavior, both good and bad, and help us to help Maisey.

We got some really great ideas about environment modification and training and she has been steadily improving. But this past week she had a set back and broke a window (her second) freaking out over the mailman. She's also started snapping at her treats instead of receiving them calmly. So we checked back in with Dr. R, who now believes that in addition to behavior modification and training, Maisey may be a good candidate for medication. We're taking her in this afternoon for a full work up (to ensure her problem isn't physical) and bloodwork that will help the doc determine the best type of medication to help ease her anxiety. The plan is to use meds for about 6-12 months and continue with the behavior modification and training. At the end of that time frame, ideally we can wean her off the meds but continue the training and Maisey will be right as rain.

The pic below is Maisey "standing guard" on the front porch.

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