Monday, April 5, 2010

What would a holiday weekend be...

without a trip to the emergency vet?

On Sunday morning, Maisey scraped a paw pad on her first trip outside in the morning. We checked it out and it was the equivalent of a skinned knee - a little skin had lifted but there was no blood and she was walking on it fine. So we cleaned it, bandaged it, and put her and Gypsy in their crates shortly afterward.

When we returned from running errands (Ikea!) we let the girls out of their crates and Maisey was limping and clearly in pain, so we loaded her up and headed over to the e-vet. She got a thorough exam, a pretty blue bandage, and some pain pills and we headed home. Because the skin wasn't completely broken, we got to skip the antibiotics, but we have really specific instructions on how to check for infection just in case.

Maisey was drowsy with the pain meds, so we all took it easy on Sunday night. And of course she got to sleep with us, which was a treat for us all. Well, all of us except for Bunny and Gypsy.

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