Monday, January 25, 2010

Jail Break!

It was an interesting day at Casa de Shelter Hound today. Babs and I have to lay off the crime drama - they're a really bad influence on the dogs! Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.

They broke out of their crates!!1!

Their crime spree began early this morning. I had just put Lucky in his room with a nice bowl of kibble when I heard the tell-tale sound of mischief - the collar jingle. Who should I find on the other side of the door? Maisey, quite proud of herself and happy to see me. I checked her crate, which was perfectly intact albeit with the door hanging wide open.

That's odd...

Learning from our mistakes, we made extra sure the crates were latched when we headed off to work. Maybe we didn't latch Maisey's crate so well last night. We should be good now, right?


We arrive home in the evening and heard that extra jingle as I went to unlock the front door. Gypsy decided she needed some extra free time today too! Thankfully she hadn't destroyed anything, including the three shoes she carried over to their play area. Well, if you don't count her crate. It's like she blew the entire front panel off with a stick or two of dynamite! I had to use all my strength to wrench it back into place.

If nothing else, she is thorough.

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