Friday, January 1, 2010

Whatever Gets You Through the Day

An apology to those of you who read "for the dogs". The dogs aren't going anywhere, but in 2010 they will be joined by a host of other images as part of Project 365. Today's pic is entitled Whatever Gets You Through the Day and is an homage to nicotine gum.

I started smoking in 1984 and quit in August 2006. Because I fell in love. I haven't smoked since then (except in dreams, which always leave me in utter panic upon waking). For the first six months of being quit, I was miserable. I craved nicotine constantly, a physical and mental longing that occupied far too many of my thoughts. Then my officemate introduced me to my new love, nicotine gum. I like it straight up - uncoated and unflavored. I don't need any mint getting in the way of my little nicotine rush.

Lucky for me, my heart's in excellent shape, so I continue to chew the gum with my doctor's blessing. And what a blessing it is. When the world feels like just too much, I lovingly unwrap a little piece from its foil package and pop it in my mouth. Instant soothing.

What do you do to get through the day?

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