Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cute Overload: Gypsy the Turtle

It's Halloween here at Casa Shelterhound! Like any good lesbians who have dogs instead of children, we've outfitted the girls in spiffy costumes. Lucky the Cat, of course, is exempt from such things, as his dignity is far too important to the operation to risk on such an enterprise.

When I envisioned the whole costume-the-dogs-and-do-a-photo-shoot thing, naturally the first step would have been tidying up the living room, devising an attractive back drop, then posing the dogs in clever and amusing ways.

Instead, it went like this: Oh, let's just get the costumes out. Oh, let's just try them on. Oh, holy shit they're cute. QUICK GRAB THE CAMERA BEFORE THEY TAKE THE COSTUMES OFF!

So, I give you our messy living room, and Gypsy the Turtle:

Don't you just want to eat her up? I'll bet she tastes just like chicken.

Meg is fixing Gypsy's "hat" here, but it looks more like, "BOOP! GOT YOUR NOSE!"

Gypsy trying to retain a modicum of dignity.

I think she's trying to cough out some turtle costume fluff here.

ZOMG, DEAD from the cuteness.

PS - for those reading via Google Reader, yes, I may have originally posted this as "Gypsy the Frog" on account of the fact that I really, really thought it was a frog costume. Until Meg read the post and was all "Um, B? Gypsy's a turtle." Oops. Either way, the French would cook her.

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  1. LOVE THIS! Great pictures! They are so hard to take when the dogs have something On, because it doesn't last long!