Sunday, October 18, 2009

Irony: Maisey the Squirrel

Fall has brought Maisey a new hobby: obsessing over squirrels. In fact, she seems to believe there is One Squirrel, a very busy guy. She will bark like a mad fool in the sun room and when The Squirrel disappears from view, she will barrel through the house at lightning speed to get to the patio door because she is convinced that The Squirrel is now in the back yard. Invariably, some squirrel is in the back yard, so her obsessive barking continues. (Hot at her heels is always Gypsy, who barks merrily along.) It is loud. Like Spinal Tap 11 loud.

So, for fun, we dressed Maisey as The Squirrel for Halloween.

This is the ONE clear full-body shot we got of her.

Most of the shots looked like this:

At this point, she is calm, because The Squirrel is safely out of sight:

Look closely and you can see a treat in Meg's hand. Note that Maisey's lower jaw is quivering in anticipation of said treat.

This glare is almost as frightening as her broccoli farts.

And finally, Maisey in her "Get this thing off me or Imma cut a bitch" pose.

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