Saturday, October 31, 2009


Maisey is a true pibble...she loves to give kisses.

By kisses I mean she loves to tackle you and lick your face until it is dripping, or you manage to hide your head under the nearest safe harbor (aka a pillow).

For example:

If you dare make one sound while she's showering you with her affection things get a little dicey. She is so beside herself with love and glee that she starts nipping at your nose (and not in the Christmas-y Jack Frost way...). Don't let the smile on Babs' face fool you, this isn't exactly a desired behavior for a dog as solid as Maisey. The thing is, we had the hardest time training her to get down. She just gets too damned excited to be redirected.

Well, if you can't beat 'em...train 'em to do it on command!

I give you "Maisey, hug."

Yes, we trained our dog to clamber up onto our shoulders and lick away. You would think this would lead to more of the same...out of control licking, a couple nips at the nose.


Instead, we combined the lesson in "Masiey, hug" with "Maisey, get down," making sure to give that command way before her head exploded from the exuberance. Her need to be socloseshecancounttheporesonyournose is met and our need for boundaries is met too.

Mission accomplished. Go Team Awesome.

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  1. Awww! I want her kisses. Missy does this also but we don't let it get out of control because she will give kisses until her tongue falls off. lol! Our command is "kiss" and she gives them.